Fishing in Falmouth

Fishing in Falmouth is excellent and the area is home to a lot of pretty serious anglers, both for shore fishing and boat fishing. The lure fishing scene is well developed with fly fishing for bass and spinning for bass being possible from the rocks around the estuary, as well as fishing for larger species like rays in the depths with baits. Please do not use this guide to determine if a mark is safe to fish.

Within Falmouth itself, the Prince of Wales pier and the Custom House Quay make for very good fishing for flatties and conger at night. Bass fishing out of Falmouth is exceptional and prize bass are not uncommon. Towards where the Fal meets the sea, the harbour entrance near Black rock offers access to large shoals of mackerel which move through in the summer months. Spinning from the rocks outside of Falmouth is very good, explore these spots yourself and you will reap the rewards. Porthcawl river by St Mawes offers good mullet fishing and is very pretty and Mylor Creek is another place where biblical numbers of mullet congregate – though as you’ll know, that doesn’t mean they’re easy to catch! 

Fishing in Falmouth is excellent, especially at night time, although water clarity can sometimes be low. The river is famously deep, and this means certain species that prefer much deeper water will dwell there like conger eels, rays and catsharks. At night time there are areas that are lit up, and there are many, many places you can fish up against the railings with very good access. The surrounding coastline is wonderful to explore, so do get out and about and see what you can catch. Species include mackerel, pollack, cod, dogfish, plaice, flounder, dab, conger, wrasse, blennies, gobies, rays and many more.

From Mevagissey to Falmouth the fishing is excellent with numerous open beaches and coves to explore. Fishing from Gorran Haven Harbour Wall is also good, and strange species turn up there, including Thwait Shad and Turbot, which are not usually caught on the South Coast. Gorran Haven is very crowded in summer though, so is best to fish in the evenings.

Fishing from St Mawes is very good, with fat pollack, bass and wrasse around. However, it’s not the most accessible stretch of coastline. Pendennis headland is good for fishing, as headlands often are when they are close to an estuary (in this case the Fal).

Spinning from the rocks outside of Falmouth is very good.

Fishing on the Lizard peninsula is as productive as it is jaw-dropping. You can also fish from Kennack sands beach and this spot turns out some fat fat bass. On the Lizard, you will catch the standard pollack, wrasse, bass and mackerel as well as more exciting Congers. Fishing from Mullion cove is good from the pier and the rocks but is nothing special and other marks nearby are more promising.

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