Exploring the Anyfish Anywhere Rod Range: A Comprehensive Guide

Anyfish Anywhere has been at the forefront of beachcasting rod design for years. These are specialist beachcasting rods, Made in England, and will need no introduction to most. In this guide, we will look through some of their rods, to help you find the ideal rod for you.

anyfish anywhere beachcasting rods

Which length Anyfish Anywhere is right for you?

13ft Rod

  • Ideal for Rock Fishing or Limited Space, a 13ft rod offers easier manoeuvrability and casting.
  • Great for Precision casting, as longer rods can reduce accuracy
  • Suitable for Anglers of All Heights: Shorter anglers might find the 13ft rod more comfortable to handle than longer options.

14ft Rod

  • Best All-Rounder: The 14ft rod is often considered the most versatile option, suitable for a wide range of beach fishing scenarios. It offers a good balance between casting distance and manageability.If you fish on a variety of terrains, including both clean and mixed grounds, a 14ft rod can provide the flexibility you need.
  • Good for Intermediate to Advanced Anglers: Anglers with some experience will appreciate the 14ft rod’s capability to cast further while still being relatively easy to handle.

15ft Rod

  • Maximum Casting Distance: Anglers looking to maximize their casting distance, especially in competitions or when trying to reach distant fish, will benefit from a 15ft rod.
  • Best for storm water or surf: The extra length can help keep your line above the waves and weed, making it easier to manage your bait and catch in challenging conditions.
  • Requires More Space and Strength: The 15ft rod is better suited for open beaches with plenty of casting space and may require more physical strength to handle, especially in windy conditions.
smooth hound caught on anyfishanywhere
Credit: Ben Price, via Anyfish Anywhere

Anyfish Anywhere Rod Choices

anyfish anywhere four & bait

Four & Bait – the best for light estuary / bass / flatty fishing

Four & Bait range includes both a multiplier and a fixed spool version, in both 13ft and 14ft feet, catering to surf fishing, estuary use, and light beach rods.

This casting weight range is ideal for presenting lighter ledgering rigs with finesse. The name of the rod ‘four and bait’ means the rod is designed for casting four ounces plus your bait, so it’s weighted to just a bit over four ounces.

siz & bait MK2 multiplier rod

Six and Bait Ranges

We asked Julian, the rod designer, which rod he would use if he could only use one for the rest of his life…

“If I could only use one of our Blue Range rods, it would be the 14ft 6nBait, for it’s versatility.”

Julian, Anyfishanywhere rod designer
tournament match anyfish anywhere rod

Six and Bait range offers a 13ft, a 14ft, and a 15ft rod, wither with fixed spool or multiplier

Both the Four&bait and the Six&bait are not entirely designed as J-curved rods. This means they provide more in the way of flexibility, ensuring more fun when playing fish. This is one of the key features of Anyfish Anywhere rods that we like at FISHMAG – they balance performance with the sporting value of fish very nicely.

frozen black lug bait
Anyfishanywhere rods are extremely popular with dedicated beachcasting crew

14ft is a length that gives you great casting distance, and a rod that casts up to 6oz can tackle most conditions sea anglers will face, without being too overgunned or undergunned.

Red and Pro Range – the top-end, premium rods from Anyfish Anywhere

When I’m competing, the 13’7 Match PRO MK2 gives me the distance that I need and ability to use it continually over a 5 hour period when the fish are on!

Julian, rod designer

The Bass Pro rod at 12 foot 6

This rod strikes a balance between lightness for hand-held fishing and the strength to cast six ounces into heavy seas. Perfect for estuary work.

Match Pro MK2

The Match Pro MK2 falls into the higher beach rod range, ideal for pendulum casting and offering a comfortable fishing experience.

Tournament Match Pro MK2

This is a versatile rod for match fishing and specimen hunting, designed to cast five to seven ounces without sacrificing comfort.


This beach caster caters specifically to fixed spool anglers, capable of casting big leads and versatile for beach and rock fishing.

Grand Prix Pro

The Grand Prix Pro is tailored for rough ground fishing, designed to bully fish through kelp and over ledges with enough give to ensure comfort.

tournament match remastered

Remastered Blank Range

If you’re looking for a custom-built rod or one that has the latest materials, with the maximum build quality, you might like the Remastered Blank Range. This allows you to have things like a reel up reel down set up, so that your reels don’t touch in your rod rest. For full customisation options, get in touch with Anyfishanywhere.

As you can see – the Anyfish Anywhere rod range is pretty darned comprehensive! There will be one that is just right for your beachcasting in here. Whether you’re a match angler, a specimen hunter, or somewhere in between, you should be able to get exactly what you need. You can order via Veals Mail Order.

Also, Julian gives a great breakdown of the rods in further detail in this interview with HookPoint magazine.

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