The best lure fishing rods | UK Reviews

mackerel fishing

There are many different types of lure fishing rod that are suitable for mackerel fishing, from heavier and longer feathering rods all the way down to ultra light set ups.

bass rod

In this guide we look at specialist bass rods from entry level all the way up the best lure rods in the UK. These are versatile lure rods suitable for casting single hard, soft and metal lures at a range of predators.

Jika rig

Perch rods should be as light weight as possible, for presenting soft lures with finesse. However, when big pike are present, it pays gear up your tackle. Here are some perch rods we recommend.

Lure fishing rods or ‘spinning rods’ as they’re often referred to, are simply rods that are designed for casting lures or spinners. Each rod has a casting weight written on its side by the handle. This tells you the weight your lures should be. This rating and the the length of the rod are by far the most important considerations. You can check out the rods we reckon are best for each species below.

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