Sea fishing tackle reviews

mackerel fishing

There are many different types of lure fishing rod that are suitable for mackerel fishing, from heavier and longer feathering rods all the way down to ultra light set ups.

bass rod

In this guide we look at specialist bass rods from entry level all the way up the best lure rods in the UK. These are versatile lure rods suitable for casting single hard, soft and metal lures at a range of predators.

We have tried to find four example sea fishing set ups that represent the popular methods for sea fishing in the UK for beginners. In the article, we explain the advantages and limitations of each set up.

nebular travel rod

Travel rods are becoming increasingly popular for their convenience and practicality on holidays. In recent years, rods have been released that rival or even beat their two-piece counterparts.

Looking to get into lure fishing? We will run you through a few different set ups based on our research and testing as angling guides working with beginners on the Cornish coast.

Choosing your next reel

spinning reel reviews

We have tested pretty much every popular spinning reel under £100 in the UK. We have also fished with skipper that Daiwa Japan uses to test their prototypes.

View reels

beach casting reels

Beach casting reels have to put up with a lot. Heavy leads. Salt. Getting banged around in your car boot by your damned dog. We aim to find the best beach casting reels in the UK and share them with you.

Sea fishing lines

best braids

There are tons of crap braids on the market, and a few really good ones. We interviewed braid developers and tested some of the most popular braids ourselves on the Cornish coast.

Getting the right mono for what you’re using it for is the main thing, but some lines have more stretch than others and are more prone to UV damage. Let’s take a closer look…

Probably the best braided line for lure fishing you can buy in the UK this year. We interviewed the guys from Suffix and spoke to other guides to find out what they say about this braid and if it’s worth the price.

Lure reviews

bass lures

We look at the best and most popular bass lures in the UK today, along with the different types of lures and how they have developed over the last two decades.

bass spinners

Mackerel are not fussy fish, but some lures have superior casting abilities, fall more slowly down the water column and create more flash. Let’s take a look at the best deals this year.

perch lures

In this guide we go through the main types of perch lure, when to use them, and look at some of the best lures from each category in the market.

soft plastic lures

Wild brown trout are perfect creatures, but they are fussy eaters. We look at the types of lures that can be used to catch trout, and pick out the best for lakes, rivers and streams.

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