Best lures UK

bass lures

We look at the best and most popular bass lures in the UK today, along with the different types of lures and how they have developed over the last two decades.

bass spinners

Mackerel are not fussy fish, but some lures have superior casting abilities, fall more slowly down the water column and create more flash. Let’s take a look at the best deals this year.

Texas rig

In this guide we go through the main types of perch lure, when to use them, and look at some of the best lures from each category in the market.

soft plastic lures

Wild brown trout are perfect creatures, but they are fussy eaters. We look at the types of lures that can be used to catch trout, and pick out the best for lakes, rivers and streams.

perch lures

In this article we look at every type of perch rig and explain how and when to use it. Winter is long…

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