Pollack Fishing Tactics

Pollack are a staple sport fish for British anglers and without them we’d be missing out on a lot of good times. These fish take baits from the bottom as well as lures fished in the mid-water and below. They live in rough ground and typically swim no more than a metre or two above the kelp and often within it. For this reason it’s best to fish for them with weedless hooks over rough ground. If you aren’t getting caught up in weeds you may be in the wrong place. When you hook a pollack, you can expect it to immediately dive for the nearest structure. That might be kelp or a wreck, but you’d better hope you can pull it away from that structure or else it might become another fish that got away. After this initial crash dive to the bottom however, the fight becomes less intense.

Lure Fishing for Pollack
Pollack tend to attack from below, and love to hit falling lures. For this reason, it’s a good idea to jig for them from a boat, or use a sink and draw approach from the shore. A simple straight retrieve is also very effective, though you can expect a lot of attacks on your lure before you get a hook up, as like bass these fish will swipe at lures in an attempt to disorient or disable them. Also like bass, pollack use their large mouths to create something like a vacuum effect, which draws in water as they open their mouths. This means pollack are essentially inhaling your lure.

Pollack take a wide range of lures and are not particularly fussy, though they definitely seem to be more sensitive to scent than other species, and lures with scents, such as the Ecogear Aqua range or else a Gulp bait imitation are noticeably more effective for these fish in winter time than standard lures. Popular lure colours include Rhubard and Custard (red and yellow) and oranges and greens. Black lures can be effective when fished under areas that are lit up at night, since it creates a silhouette with more contrast against the bright backdrop making your lure more visible to the fish.

Pollack Fishing Season
They are extremely common, with larger fish caught in Autumn and lots of smaller fish around in summer. In shore a very large pollack is 3lb, and offshore they can exceed 20lb.

Best Pollack Bait
The best bait for pollack is squid in winter or sandeel in summer, however they really are not fussy eaters to it’s more important to fish at the right depth over rough ground than what bait you’re using.

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