Choosing the Right Fishing Line: Expert Advice from Julian of Asso Fishing Lines

In this article we’re hearing from Julian, a seasoned rod designer behind Anyfish Anywhere rods and also the UK distributor at Asso Fishing Lines. He offers invaluable advice to help anglers of all levels make informed choices without breaking the bank. I had a good chat with Julian and it’s clear that he’s good at knowing exactly what mainline and leader people should go for at different budgets, depending on their specific objectives. Line is one of those things that is an after thought for lots of anglers, but Julian is a guy that’s thought about it more than most…

With this in mind, let’s look at which of these lines might be best for you:

For the Occasional Angler on a Tight Budget

For those who fish infrequently and are looking to minimize expenses, Julian recommends two options that promise quality without the hefty price tag: the Primo/Casting 4oz and the Classic 4oz lines. “Neither will break the bank, and you’ll have a quality line for your days fishing,” Julian assures.

  • Primo 4oz line or Classic 4oz lines
  • Classic Shock Leader in 50 yards

For beach fishing enthusiasts requiring a shock leader, he suggests the Classic Shock Leader spools, available in 50 yards, in either clear or yellow. These options are perfect for ensuring a successful day by the water, even on a limited budget.

For the angler with a £50 Budget

Anglers who fish regularly and have a budget of around £50 are advised to consider the 4oz Ultra Cast or 4oz Ultra, 1/2KG Ultraflex, and 4oz Oblivion lines. Julian explains that these selections cover the essentials: mainline, rig tying, leaders, and snoods. This comprehensive setup allows for a versatile fishing experience, catering to various conditions and preferences without compromising on quality.

  • 4oz Ultra Cast
  • 1/2kg Ultraflex
  • 4oz Oblivion lines

For the Angler Who Wants the Best, Regardless of Cost

For those who prioritize quality above all and are indifferent to price, Julian recommends investing in lines by the half kilogram. “Buying line in 1/2KG’s means a more expensive initial purchase but will serve you better in the long term with less wastage on a spool, especially if you’re continually filling reels,” he notes. This approach is ideal for people that fish a lot and get through line at a fair rate.

Key Considerations When Choosing Fishing Line

There are several critical factors anglers should consider when selecting their fishing line:

  • Venue Suitability: Choosing the right line and poundage for the specific fishing venue is crucial.
  • Color Preference: Some anglers have a preference for line color based on the fishing environment.
  • Shock Leader Poundage: It’s important to select the correct shock leader poundage according to the weight being cast.

Venue Suitability

Flat beach: Low diameter, High poundage Eg. 0.28-0.32/12-16lb Ultra, Ultracast – Shockleader 0.70-0.80/70lb, Ultra flex + Tapered Shock leaders 0.35-0.70/15-60lb

Mixed Ground: Medium Diameter, Medium Poundage 0.36/18lb-20lb – Invisilk, Hard Skin, Ultra Cast – Shockleader 0.70-0.80/70lb-80lb Classic. Bimini Twist

Rough Ground: High Diameter, High Poundage 0.40-0.45/20-30lb – Hard Skin, Bullet Proof – Shockleader 0.80-0.90/80lb + Classic, abrasive resistance lines. Bimini Twist

Colour Preference

Personal choice, angling superstitions

However, some people fish with 2 rods at a time and like to have a different coloured line on one reel so you can see which way one is going against the other.

Shock Leader Poundage

For every one oz cast, have 10lb of line.

Eg. Minimum 60lb shock leader when using a 6oz lead

These guidelines help anglers navigate the vast selection of fishing lines, ensuring a choice that enhances their fishing experience.

Julian’s expert advice underscores the importance of selecting the right fishing line based on frequency of use, budget, and specific fishing conditions. By considering these factors, anglers can enjoy a rewarding fishing experience tailored to their needs and preferences. Whether you’re an occasional angler on a tight budget, a regular fisher with a modest budget, or someone who seeks the pinnacle of quality regardless of cost, there’s a fishing line option suited to every requirement and ambition.

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