Pouting (Gadus luscus)

These fish come in pinkish and coppery colours, with stripes down their sides and a little goaty (bib) that gives them away as a member of the cod family. Pouting are typically under 2lb when caught inshore and have a habit for stealing baits intended for larger or more prized fish.

These fish have a mushy feel about them once dead, and their scales are a nuisance. The scales from these fish are a good ID for the fish, since the very similar looking Poor Cod does not shed scales on your hands.

Where to Catch Pouting

Classic sandy beaches and rough ground inshore for the smaller specimens, and offshore wrecks for the larger fish.

The best baits for pouting

Pouting will take almost any bait and are not fussy, though they prefer worms, squid , crab and clams to a fish bait like sandeel.

When to catch pouting

Pouting can be caught summer and winter in the UK.